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With several years’ experience in property under her belt, Maxine decided to pursue her lifelong passion with horses and successfully created one of the largest animal feed and accessory businesses in the South East of England.   Starting from humble beginnings with her prime focus on supplying the equestrian fraternity, she continued to grow and expand her business further into the agricultural and domestic pet markets servicing three counties.

Finding herself if a life-changing situation with a failed marriage, single mum, no business and no income, Maxine had to totally rethink her strategy andagain reinvented herself as a Business Coach and fully qualified trainer in Leadership Development.


From here, Fresh Mindset Ltd was born helping executives, consultants and coaches to build confidence, gain clarity to significantly improve performance in both their personal and professional lives. Primarily focusing on the mindsets of individuals and group or team mindsets, Maxine soon realised the importance of the inner game and how the bodies intelligence runs through the whole energetic system, both internal energy systems being primarily via our nervous system and externally through our energetic field, and has learnt and developed methods to align vibrational frequencies of individuals, teams and businesses into coherence, balance and flow.

Maxine now helps entrepreneurs and business owners unlock their full potential by using her proven Inner Game methods developed from her 30+ years’ experience and wisdom.


“Maxine is a great listener, very perceptive and helps get rid of any blocks that are preventing your money grow. She has an excellent understanding of energy and offers practical advice that delivers quick, effective results.”


International Speaker and Author

“I learned a load about strategies when it comes to buying, selling and understanding how to maximise on Real Estate. Maxine knows her stuff and explains how to maximise on Real Estate in simplistic easy steps so you can work on, with her help, to turn things around very quickly indeed. So if you have ever found yourself wondering what to do next, here’s the answer – talk to Maxine.”


Award Winning Motivational Speaker

“Speaking to Maxine King about Real Estate has been a real pleasure. Even though I am familiar with investing, I got some great insights. Maxine makes the subject very easy to understand and more than anything, gives you the confidence for you to know you are doing the right things. If you want to make your investments grow, speak to Maxine.”


International Speaker

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